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Jeff Pereyda--Fremont Real Estate Agent Reviews




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Fremont real estate agent reviews give huge insight and help home owners choose the best Fremont real estate agent for the job. Home owners can take many months or even years to decide on selling their home. But when the time comes to sell the house, home sellers may take only one day to choose their real estate agent.* If sellers rush their decision, they may get stuck with a mediocre real estate agent and leave money on the table. Listen to reviews now

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What Sets Jeff Pereyda Apart From Other Agents

Get started with Jeff Pereyda to sell your house
Sell My Home Now Get help from Jeff Pereyda

Contact Fremont Real Estate Agent, Broker-Associate Jeff Pereyda before you are ready to sell your Fremont, Newark and Union City home.

Jeff Pereyda's value added services are:

  • 5 full-time Coldwell Banker real estate attorneys make sure it gets done right..
  • Advertising in 3,100 Coldwell Banker offices in the the US and over 50 International Coldwell Banker offices in places like China, India (Mumbai), South Korea, Turkey and 47 other countries.
  • Advertising your Fremont home on up to 800 web sites and other publications click here (takes you to Jeff Pereyda's Coldwell Banker site.)
  • William Botero--best real estate photographer in the business to photograph your house with unlimited pictures.
  • And much more--(download newsletter for more)
Jeff Pereyda Real Estate Agent
Broker Associate Jeff Pereyda listing for sale a beautiful Rancho Arroyo home in Niles.

When Dianna Huff, award-winning writer for DHC is asked to comment on any company, the first thing she does is find out whether there are testimonials available. And, [Fremont ] home owners who are selling their house, researching on the Internet don't feel shortchanged and are much more likely to have control in their transactions.*

Older client letters . See letters now.

Contact Jeff Pereyda and make an appointment. It only takes me 15 minutes to show you how we are selling Fremont houses for top dollar.

* Evans, Blanche. "CAR's Internet Versus Traditional Buyer Study Shows New Trends." Deputy Chief Economist Robert Kleinhenz of the California Association of Realtors. 30 January. 2008 <>.